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Step by Step Process to make Felt heart

by Todd

A wonderfully sweet approach to adding some beauty to your wedding day is using felt hearts, gaining popularity day by day. People make their events and moments special with felt hearts. They can be used in a variety of ways, including as bouquet decorations, place names, and place settings.

You can also experiment with various shapes; simply buy a new shape template. You can make these art hearts in various ways. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect; it adds to the homemade appearance and makes each heart unique. If they are not perfect, still they increase the beauty of your home. The time and work you put in will astound your visitors and make your precious moments more special.

Are you ready to make an attractive an creative design to make your place nicer? In this post, you can see step by step guide to appropriately making felt hearts.

Step by step Guide to make Felt Heart

Here are some of my secret techniques for creating the ideal small hearts:

Step 1: Cut off the wool

Cut a piece of wool that is just a bit longer than your needle. Your piece ought to be extremely substantial. This is the first step of the guide.

Step 2: Think about Heart

After it, roll the wool between your palms. The snake made of wool will harden, making it simpler to handle. At that step you have to ready the wool to make it heart shape in the next step.

Step 3: Bend it in “V” shape

Bend the “wool snake and pinch it holding the wool. With your right hand, tuck the lower side while still holding it. You can see the heart shape still by holding it. You will enjoy this step due to smart art in making felt heart.

Step 4: Cover with Needle

Now try to cover it with pins with use of your hands and holding it while sewing. You have to take some precaution while doing that act because your fingers are close to your working area, it is important to use short, controlled needle pokes to avoid stabbing yourself and gushing blood tender tiny heart.

Step 5: Set the Heart on Foam Board

You can make borders of your heart, coaxing the wool. Set your heart on your foam board. Beginning with one side, work on the other. Set it on the board in an effective manner to make it in heart shape.

Step 6: Shape it and make it in heart Shape with cover

Your heart is neatly shaped into the adorable tiny shape you want by applying felt to both the front and the back of it. Did you made felt heart? Is it beautiful?

Step 7: Heart is Prepared

Look at adorable tiny heart. You’re so brilliant; you can make it if you are reading our guide.

Last Words

You can purchase them from any online retailer also, Alibaba is the best online retailer to purchase felt hearts. There is a variety of hearts available there. Self-creation is better but if you don’t want to make, you can order it.

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